Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Facilivation Insights

Welcome to my blog - an ongoing work in progress. 😉

I don't know why at this stage of my life it seems to be so difficult to articulate my thoughts and insights but I’m hoping that writing this blog will help me with this.


I've been thinking a lot about eternity and not being satisfied just to do the things just for this lifetime.


Actually, the recurring message I get is this:  Whenever I consider doing something is that I need  to rise above internal judgement statements of “So What”, “And?…”, and “What’s the use? or  "Everything is meaningless anyway.”


My daily mojo (“MOtivational  JOy”) requires seeing everything I do (in other words, all of the heartbeats that I use up) as temporary; as if life is a temporary assignment.  That is to say that is there is an existence that goes beyond this short lifetime that extends beyond my 71 (and counting) years of eternity?


That is why it is important for me to connect to higher perceptions such as the “Universe” or seek to get new revelations from other spiritual reference material.


 My current flow of inquiry is directed to the overall concept of teleology and eschatology.  It’s my way to take a peek through the eternity portal and anticipate what happens when I pass through.


It's useful to think about this because it can help me get the mojo to do everyday things and to have the experience of each of those things working to prepare me with peace of mind and a sense of purpose.


I'm thinking out-loud now about how I can describe the concept of facilitation insights. I think the idea of facilitating has always been important to me because it involves helping people without telling them what to do. It means listening and understanding and picking up on ideas that I can insert into a real-time thought-stream to see if others can come up with ideas on their own in a wholistic conversation through blogging.


 The idea of innovation goes beyond the concept of “industrial newness”. The deeper meaning is that it has to do with creating new ideas from looking at different patterns of life and mixing matching and looking at new combinations to create new concepts that can make things meaningful in different ways.


So, the idea of Facilivation is to combine the two words to “facilitate” and “innovation” in a way that helps myself or my future self, and other people, such as the readers of my blog to come up with new ways of thinking that helps themselves based on what they see.


And finally, there's another concept of “Insights” which, is included in the name of this blog. In this context, I think “insights” means an inner revelation of something that is possibly hidden. When you have insight into something you have deeper knowledge based on…


oh, I don't know…




a subconscious experience or something, a person that has insight, has gone beyond just superficially thinking about something and is creating a conclusion or an idea about any given circumstance in a different way.


And at this point I’m going to quote Forrest Gump, who often said…


“This is all I have to say about that!”


… but, I would add.:


I will have lots more to say later!




Facilivation Insights

Welcome to my blog - an ongoing work in progress. 😉 I don't know why at this stage of my life it seems to be so difficult to articulate...